Baldur's Gate

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Cheat:Thefastway this alows any highlighted member of the party to teleport to the place on the screen that you click on to move

while in the game, hit ctrl-tab and a scroll bar comes up. type 'CLUACONSOLE:CreateItem"boot01"' for boots of speed. these are very handy and worth quite a bit.

if u kill all ur characters and save and then load they will appear with 150000 gold that means that you can buy whatever you want. / ps if you want more cheats go to [url removed]

go to the mine and theres a guard standing near entry to the mine and kill him then get his stuff his got 19268 gold peases and one expensive dimond


i need to find relair's mistake cloak. ne one can tell me plz do. also where is a tome of constitution. i've looked everywhere and i cant find one.

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