Chaos Legion


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3 Trainers, 1 Cheat, 3 Fixes available for Chaos Legion, see below

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after getting the archers press triangle to fire your arrows fast,faster u hit it faster it fireshelps but is more like a stratergy works for legions

on lvl one before u enter the boses lare u will find a pit of giant spiders kill them and head left there will be a rock jump up and find 1 XLL exp gem this helps ya legions

kill all the monsters around u and use the elimental flare do damage it then electricute him role around his legs and strike him stay behinded or he will hit u and do alot of damage

For get experience easiar just collect exp gems in the game.If you collect 99 each of them they will added your exp meter in the game.For example collect 99 exp gem M you will gain 50.000 exp

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