Crash Nitro Kart


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4 Cheats available for Crash Nitro Kart, see below

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to collect all players u hav 2 hav a s.hag with coco and crunch and u will hav all players it is true 2 s.hag u hav 2 s.hag your PS2

go to main menu and pres triangle,cirlle.sqaure and circle x5 then when u go to charactors u will have every charactor i treid it and it worked it great fun try it.

to get the real veloyou have to complete the good and bad team in adventure mode and get 2 sceptor and you will unlock little velo.


When the game starts, title screen you must enter this button combination: R1, R2, ->, L2, L1, O. You will have all characters and all racetracks.


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