Digimon World: Digital Card Battle


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1 Cheat available for Digimon World: Digital Card Battle, see below

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Defeat all of Wormon's stages for the second time in Black city and once you have won you will get an Ultimate.

When you use small recoverynumber 266 and your opponent uses Superrecoverynumber 221, you will use your small recovery before your opponent.

How to get omnimon1&2Go to sky city talk wizardmon he will say recite me a spell here's twoomnimon1=omnimon1omnimon2=omnimon2

if you press x4, o4, triangle4 you would get all the cards in the game but you must do this after the fmv

Hint: ImperialDramon:Get to the last city, Wiseman Tower. Go to the Fusion shop, where you can Fuse anything. To get ImperialDramon, you must fuse Paildramon and Omnimon II.

follow the weaknesses and you will have no problum as the crads follow within the weakness digimons likefiretowaterwater will be able to kill fire

Dark digimon are only weak if you dont understand how to play good they are powerfull though but for beg:id say that veemon is best for new people as they are easy to play with:

to defeat A just keep a lot o digimon who have o as counter and keep hittin x till you kill him and ya keep some hacking and data copy card too very use fool with a loto of recovery floopys.

COPY YOUR CARDSyou have to have two memory cards to be able to do this cheat. Copy your digimon digital card battle data on to both memory cards.Then trade all your cards onto one memory card.

the 2nd most stronger digimon is darklazerdgimimon you can fine it after you beat darkdromegimon.

i want to know all the codes even when you shake it how you go in a cage and numbers and lettrrs come up and you have to unjumlble them and make it areal code to unlock digimons

Holy Sevens- Seraphimon Dark sevens- piedmon mistic sevens- karireverse sevens- blackwargreymonwild sevens-imperialdramon Grand sevens- nanimon

Speed 7's- Beat piximon onceGrand 7's- Beat nanimon 10 timesWild 7's- Beat imperialdramon 5 to 10 timesMisty 7's- Beat kari 5 to 10 times


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