Dynasty Warriors 3


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2 Cheats, 2 Fixes available for Dynasty Warriors 3, see below

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get stats all the way up.all you have 2 do is kill all the enemy generals in the level Hu Loa Gatethena supply unit will apear kill him

Lu Xun's 4th weponPlay level Ye Ling and bewuthen kill all officers acept Lui bei and zhuge liang then kill zhuge liang and get the special item in the stone area then kill Lui bei

Hu lao Gate: kill all the generals, collect 50 arrows. Once your health is full, find him and hammer him with arrows. Use musou if he attacks you and run. when his life is low, melee him to death.

can someone tell me why those cheats don't work for me...?? because if i'm in the main menu and highlight free mode and enter those cheat they don't work.can someone help me?? thnx.

Slick and Cheap way to get 4th weaponwhen you pick up your fourth weapon save the game and get out of it. Then change the difficult setting to easy and continue your saved game.

sorry this isnt a cheat i just want to say that the 4th weapon cheat for gan ning doesn't work 4 me.i waited 4 taishi shi's death but the supply team doesnt appear and the level is on hard


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