FIFA 2003


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4 Cheats, 3 Fixes, 1 Trainer available for FIFA 2003, see below

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TO GET TO MAKE A PLAYER:all u have to do is go to the main menu and press x,y,y,y,b,x,a and then go to team managment and it will say create a player

If you go to team manegment when you are not in a season or tournament you can get playerz 4 free and make your own dream team

How to score easyWhen you are in the box alone, the goalie will come out, when he is close to you shoot the ball.

complete the uefa cup with feyenoord and go to main menu and press the following: A B B B A Y Y X A X B Y and then you will have unlocked all player statistics are all at 100

Get Ultimate Challange: All you have to do is win the world tour with any club and you will get a new challange

on the main menu hold the L button and press up down up down left right up down up downif it works there will be a shooting star across the screen

At the beginning of the game tap L twice then R 3 times this will unlock the All stars team.


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