Freedom Fighters


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1 Trainer, 1 Demo, 4 Cheats, 1 Fix available for Freedom Fighters, see below

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cycle through spawn points:while playing a game, press Y,A,X,B,A,UP. if you entered correctly, a message will apper at top of screen.repeat the code to disable effect.

the best way to get through larg hords of enemys is to send all of your men in and get in the middel of them and follow and shoot

Unlock Tank During gameplay press Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle, X, Up. A message should appear if you entered the code correctly. Repeat code to disable it.

this aint a cheat, but its a hint. fire in short bursts,and when on the fire station mission find the kid, and take the alley to his right,there will be three more fighters there.

kill all: Press the action button 12 times and then find a tunnel. this will only work if you time it and is near a tunnel



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