Freedom Force


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1 Demo, 1 Cheat, 8 Fixes, 1 Trainer available for Freedom Force, see below

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While in the main menu, Press and hold F, then push tab.Then start a new campaign and you will have all characters.

To get Blackbird, Iron Ox, and Supercollider find the INIT.PY file, open with Notepad. Then, type the following:import ff ff.CONENABLE=1 APPENABLEXTRACHARS = 1

hi all. my name is ufuk. i have a old pc game. but i dont have cd cey. my game is name ""Freedom Force Version 1.0"" pls sent me it is cd cey.thank you.


there are more commands in FF such as the kill command ... kill "minuteman" Kills minute man, but there are way more that i do not know, if you know the rest please send them to me, thanks

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