Freedom Force - Freedom Force

Freedom Force - Freedom Force

Freedom Force

Find the INIT.PY file, open with Notepad. Then, type the following:
import ff

Save the file. You've enabled the console mode.
To open the console, press the tilde "" key.Type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Code Effect
god Invincibility for entire party
peace Enemies do not move or attack
MissionWin Win current mission
DEBUGALLPOWERS=1 Unlock all character powers in current mission
CampaignAddCP'[name]',[number] Add CP to specified character
CampaignRecruit'[name]' Automatically specified character
CampaignUnlockOrigin'[name]' Unlock specified built-in character's origin
CampaignAddPrestige[number] Set prestige amount

Character Names

El Diablo: 'eldiablo'
Alche-Miss: 'alchemiss'
Mentor: 'mentor'