Gundam: Battle Assault 2


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1 Cheat available for Gundam: Battle Assault 2, see below

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beat the game on Street mode on hard difficulty level with all 8 moblie suits change the difficulty level to easy then beat the Time Attack A under 5 seconds you will have Big-Zam

Cool colors:When you select your gundam,press START instead of "X" and you'regundam will be a cool color,unfortunatlyit does not work on "Street Mode."

to get dark gundam unlock master gundam in verus mode fight master gundam vs quin mantha then a window will pop up and say you got dark gundam

In game pause and press:X square triangle r1 circle then r2r1 with in 10secs.then press pause and you should have everything gundams too.

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When fighting Neue Ziel take a few hits and fly over him to his back and continue to do the special attack from the right side hit downleft2 attack

SECRET ATTACK: when u star the battle theres a move thats not in the book, the move goes: down, right, down, right and triangle continuosly for a secret attack

Get Shadow Gundam:Get every mobile suit/gundam and beat time attack B in under ten minutes with each. To use him, go to burning Gundam, and select him with L1 and Start.

To get shining gundam in golden super mode: beat street mode with every G gundam mobile suit on hard 3 times each to unlock him

Play the game with Dark gundam and Master gundam and you'll get to be the real big green gundam on hard I think you what im talking about

the best way to get the big zam is to get the dark gundam and use the twin beam attack to use it press forword down back punch it is kind of hard to use it so tap the buttons so do it kind of slow

How to get a long combo: This can only be done with Heavy Arms Custom & Full Armor ZZ Custom Gundams First overheat the enemy then do your special.


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