Half-Life 2


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on the antipersonnel 1 map, use no clip and go through the botom of the map. you will see a pinkish board. go into it and there is a creepy guy with a crow standing in a half destroyed boat

on antipersonnel 1 map if you use noclip and fly around near the big tower thing you might see a black boxonly after robot dissapears go in and you will see the dude thats on the tv

to bring down the console right click steam logo,select play games,right click half life 2, select properties,press launch options and enter -console then press ok and play

tipe "game-over-try-me" in console box and u will have a new gun that isn't suppose to be in the gamenow thats cool

New weapon:Type "give weaponannabelle".This will give you Father Gregori's old rifle. It looks like the shotgun and uses .357 ammo.

Spawn NPC: npccreate XXXxxx means:- npcbarney- npcalyx- npccombines- npcmetropolice- npcstrider- npcmanhack- npccscanner- npcmonk

Weapons for NPC's: npccreateequipment x.X means the normal weapons like in the "give weapon..." cheats but without "give" command.

oi..eu gostava de saber como k se mete a console no counter strike source..se poder dixer agradecia..obrigado


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