Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

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Mission Completed during gameplay, not paused - r2, l2, up, down, x, l3, o, x, o, xhint: if you perform code before you do anything, mission completed with SILENT ASSASSIN rating

you relly need to get more level hints on your web page. i think megagames i the best cheat site out of them all they rule

poop on your head and drop your xbox or pc and hit yourself with your f& xbox to get all weapons

unlock all levels - at church in your shed press: up,up,down,left,b,y,right. then go to laptop and chose any level

well it's not really a cheat but if you hold the sawed off shot gun and press b to holster it u can grab a single hand gun and have them both out

on the first mission if you pause the game and type in L,R,L,L,L,R,R,R,Right,Left,Up,Down and you will have infernit ammo

Drop the ballers. Pull out a pistol, pick up the ballers pull out anouther pistol. There u have it any duel pistols. Great combos magnum and des omg.

last missionfist holddown back button five seconds then push up dun ax simultaneosly hen start and u will skip to the last level


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