House of the Dead 3


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1 Cheat, 2 Fixes, 3 Trainers available for House of the Dead 3, see below

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When you started the fourth level, go to the place with the normally path and don't save the man who is trapped, in the crudge is a shotgun, in the green boxes

Simply to do this clear all boss mode and pratice missions with the five red stars in ALL of these rections and you will get for prize all items in original mode

When you pick up to the fourth chapter, the colosseum, when the chails up are batss appering, shoot the rock at left, then the buch will open and inside is the shotgun.

4 the arcade version with the shotgun: pump=p, shoot=s. p,p,s,p,s,s,s,p,p,p,p,s,p,s,p,s for machine gun use.

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