Jet Moto 2


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1 Cheat available for Jet Moto 2, see below

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go to options menu and set the difficulty to professional and set laps to 3. now go back to main menu and press up down triangle x left right square circle. this will give you no time limit.

This is an easy cheat all u have to do is pick a track when it says to hit x and when u r racing pause the game take the disc out and put a cd in than unpause it the cd will begin to play

press start to pause then exit go choose lil dave then go on joyrideand press updownrightleftR2L2L1R1and finish the race

in the main menue press L1L1R2R2L2R1 square circle selectthen start the game now you can play with infinite bousters

while you are racing you press the L1 and R1 for tight turns . to make your turns more tight press both L1 L2 and R1 R2

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