Kingdom Hearts


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1 Cheat available for Kingdom Hearts, see below

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if you sell all your gummie blocks except one your ship will turn inviseble ps you dont exactly have to sell all off your blocks

Unlock All Levels:Go To The Gummi Ship And Press L1 Followed By R1 100x Each Then You Will Unlock All Levels

this is really nothing but if u have kingdom hearts and looked for cheats they dont work or they are juss hints so the only way u can cheat is a cheat disk. ok .

Infinite Stength:Buy1,000 PowerUps And Then Go To The Save Spot And Fight And Fight A Seceret Boss Of Your Choice.

Easy munnywell basically when you're in the deep jungle stage you fight certain monkeys that drop bananas. Well make sure you step on them This is the easiest way to get munny Happy shopping


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