Kingdom Under Fire Gold


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1 Cheat, 3 Trainers available for Kingdom Under Fire Gold, see below

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2.lickmybun to grow one level3.theuntouchable to become invisable4.simsimhae to build and make people faster5.knowledgeispower to get mana faster

1.Fast Buildeffect for both side - "simsimhae"2.Fast Mana Generate - "knowledgeispower"3.Full Health -"godblessu"4.Full Mana -"amosbemerciful"5.Full Map Review-"dayspring"

simsimhae-build fasterknowledgeispower-faster manadayspring-reveal maphastalavista-destroys the chosen targetgodblessu-heals target

simsimhae- fast builddayspring-reveal mapgodblessu-full healthamosbemerciful-ful manaKnowledgeispower-fast mana rejuvenatoin

simsimhae fast builddayspring map revealmakemyday enables the cheatshastalavista destroys all buildings or units

Here are the basic cheats:you must type makemyday to activate cheat modecheat: - effect:1. baegopa - 1.500,000 of all resourcesSubmitted by White Knight

cheat -effectgodblessu -heals to max hpamosbemerciful -restors max manaknowledgeispower -fast mana regenrationsimsimhae -fast buildneed 3 pages

cheat -effectbaegopa -500,000 to all resourcesdayspring -map visableuntuchable -invinceablehastalavista -distroy all buildings

cheat -effectpg 3 of 3lickmybun -1 lvlopensesame -opens doors on rpg mode p.s. im not sure how many workp.s.replace with . during rpg mode

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