Lost Kingdoms


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1 Cheat available for Lost Kingdoms, see below

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All cardsIn the main menu press YXABin that orderThen let it out in this order AXBY start a new game and your inventory will be fullTHIS CAN CAUSE SOME CONFUSION IN THE GAME

go to the red dragoon and press x while holding in z. The dragon will turn into red,blue,black,and silver dragons. You will see a big peenis on the screen click on it and u will be dead.....

You have to poke it before you stoke it, u have to lick it before u stick it, u have tochomp it before u womp it, u have to bite it before you stride it, and that is my song. WOOOOOOOT

Okay to deafeat the dumb GOD OF DESTRUCTION use as many Chaos khights you can AND ALWAYS run from his big fire move but get alot of water birds to.

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