Mario Kart: Super Circuit


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1 Cheat, 2 Fixes available for Mario Kart: Super Circuit, see below

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Unlock Baby BowserFith Bowser get the golden cup in extra special cup and all coins When you are on the stedium presse L,R,A

another way to delete game:only works sometimeswile playing game take out game pak and put it back in wle th gameboy advance is still on.

go to the select player section and pick luigi. Hold start right after that and you will find that you have unlocked all secret players and maps.

go to first place with a spiny shell and shoot ti, ti should loop back and hit u. do this just as ur crossing the finish 2unlock koopa.

unlock waluigi beat all classes on them get gold on all cups including the extra cups then the rankings must be at least A then beat all time trial records

GET A STAR RANKIn mario GP,beat a cup with 100 or more coins and get 1st place in all of the tracks for a star rankbest rank.

Get faster at rainbow road: You need 1 mushroom. When you make a u-turn at the second turn of the course use the mushroom and you will bounce to the swervy part of the track.

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