Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

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DIY cheat for MP2

read on, all cheats for max payne2.. 1. the shortcut to paxpayne2 on your desktop (righr-click it n select 'properties') 2. on 'properties' window there will be a text box for "target" ( with sumthng writtn in the text-box) 3. click that text-box for"target", dont delete any word, jas go the end of that text put a space n type "-developer" [with hyphen(-) but without quotes] 4. click apply/ ok. 5. while playing the game press ~ button {its the key on leftside of 1 on keyboard} 6. a console will open, jas type "coder" [without qoutes] 7. press enter, then press ~ again to close the console. 8. now yu will never die , all weapons, n unlimited ammo but ye wont hav the license to kill-- have fun ladies..

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