Mega Man X5

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Rock Monster's weaknessTo make the fight easier use X's tri-thunder or Zero's E-blade[both gained after beating Squid Alder].

At the selection screen highlight X buster and press up up down down down down down down down down down

3rd sigma level ultimate armor:You must be only X WITH NO ARMOR.Go were there is a narow pit, slide down the pit on your left.

Secret Ultimate armor. nextAfter the screen can't go down further, jump on your right and you should go trought the wall and there will be a capsul.

X Buster's Super Nova ArmorAt the Character Selection screen highlight X Buster and press Up Up Down Down Down Down Down Down Down Down Down Circle.


I tried to get zeros gold armor and it doesn't work. when you push X it chooses a character and starts the game.if this cheat realy works email me back and tell me how to do it step by step.


to get the super nova or black armor you push the buttons it says and when you puch the 0 hold it and push start while holding it. it always work it is the right way to do it.

kiss my ass fuckerzif u want to have alia naked u must beat the game with zero and lose to x 5 times at the end and alia will b naked.ok got to go bye fuckerz

Get Zero Gold armor this code may not work not wonder whyUp3,Square2,X,Up,Down,Cirle,Triangle,Up,Left,Triangle

i found out that you do not have to use ultimate armor to beat sigma you just need the gaea armor and stick on the wall to blast his head do not woory because his hand does not go so high up


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