NASCAR Thunder 2003


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1 Demo, 6 Cheats, 2 Fixes available for NASCAR Thunder 2003, see below

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EXTRA DRIVERS: go to the features on the menu screen then go to " create a car" and for your first name as Extra and your last name as Drivers. Then you'll have a ton of fake drivers

Car setup for Daytona.Go to the Daytona race before you qualify go to car setup put Gear ratios on 5 then save the setup and go race.

You can race with any numbers between 0-199 with a create-a-car. Example you have the number 8 with you create-a-car.

hit the car in the left rear and drivetowards the wall but dont hit itdo it on the exact oppisit of the car and that will also work

the easy way to wreck a driver.hit the back of who ever you perfer and then go to the side Right Lefttouch him on the side in other words FISHTAIL him and he will wreck.



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