NHL 2003


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When you skate around your blue line and the center line the other player'swill not approach you.That'a a good wayto kill time.

When facing the new york rangers give a hit on to the center then the rest of the game they only score twice only in franchise it works

ok well play as the devils and switch the golies twice so martain brodoure is in goal then it pumps the crowd up You will score twice in each period.

there is another name you can enter to use that player when you create a player name him mathieu garon and you will use him with his stats

Free Goals "ep Ee"In the first intermission hold down the "Y" for about 10 seconds and you will get 2 free goals when you start the second period.

Start up a game and click pause. Than press R1, R1, L2, Square and all the players will be nude and hane NO protection

to get easy goals get breakaways with good players like sakic and do a deke close to the goalie and the golie will fall and u get an easy goal.

On the face off near the opposite goal, pass the puck when you win the face off to your defensmen and immediatly shoot high bar left or right and you will always score.

How To Get More Easter Easter Eggs to get more easteR eggs you have to win ten games in a row without goalie boost and player boost if you want all of the easter eggs win games in a row>


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