Raptor: Call of the Shadows


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2 Cheats, 1 Trainer available for Raptor: Call of the Shadows, see below

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When In-game, press . Your energy will be set to 100 and you will get a death ray, for the cost of all your money. :D

Before loading the game, enter the game's directory and type SET SHOST=CASTLE at the command line. Now all weapons, 900,000, infinite health, and five bombs will be available when the game begins.

Press "BackSpace" during gameplay allows your life to be full again and gives you 7 deathrays. Setback is it resets your score.

In the DOS box type:"SET SHOST=CASTLE"then you get: GOD mode and infinite moneySet the date to : 1994.05.26.Monkeys will attack

really easy money and death rayStart game wile playing a mission press backspace to recieve Death raythen abort mission and sell the death rays for money and then buy what you want

To fight animals like cows and lizards, go to the sector screen and at the bottom press the switch type button so it goes dark, select a sector and play away


Again like the other game i tried to get cheats for i got nothing, this is like being backstabbed,no actually just false advertising,and like japser i want cheats for raptor. Not just a heading


press backspace during gameplay to get full health and the 2nd best weapon money can buy only drawback is you loose all the money you made


To get easy money just use the code with backspace as many times as you can in one level so that you can get many death rays, then when you complete the level just sell them.

press backspace in full version for a deathray and full health Does not apply to shields. This will also set your cash to Zero
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