Rome: Total War


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you can only use a cheat once after that youll have to start the game again and then do another cheat.restarting the game means going back to your desktop and going on rome total war again.

pressto bring down the console,and enter the following cheats to enable them:thebest captures all settlementsgimmegimmegives you 100000 moneywestsideyour allies will become spain

For hitman contracts If you put the keyword nazibitch in your consoleyou get armor and all weapons you've gotAnd if you shot a jude you get zyklon-B gaze-WEAPON

jericho /addmoney Xaddpopulation Y Xinvulnerablegeneral characternameprocesscq settlementforcediplomacy accept/decline/offprocesscq settlement

oliphaunt: Gives you 40 percent larger elephants on selected character/settlement/or army. "Huge Elephants A.K.A: Yutskebi or something

give a town more populationaddpopulation "settlement name" "amount"worny max amout to put in is 4000

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