Singles: Flirt Up Your Life

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Ref: MegaFli

Hi, I just wanted to inquire if you would like to acquire web domain name "MegaFlirt .com". If you are interested I can let it go at a fair price. Let me know. Regards, Rachel

when game is in mode hold alt & tab till a box comes up then type in love this will give u a child and lots of sex

While in game press: A, 5, A, D, C, 2, 6 and G fast. Then you will loose control of the sims and they will go and have the alternate sex scene.

Go to the construction menu and build a pool with all the money you got, then sell it and the monethat you had will doble You can repeat this as many times as you want

arlight when you start the game press esc.. the write in fucknow THAT WILL ENEBLE U TO HAVE SEX AT ANY TIME . YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SNUGGLE IN BED , KISS WITH TONNGUES KISS , SNOGGLE

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