Soldier of Fortune


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2 Patches, 5 Cheats, 17 Fixes, 4 Trainers available for Soldier of Fortune, see below

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Cuse me, Now I play SOF But I Can't Use The Cheats I know we must set "Start the game with the command line parameter set console 1" But I don't now HOw Pl'z Tell me how I looking forward for your Answer


The command line parameter means that u have right click on the game's icon on ur desktop and click on the tab "Properties" , where and add to the "Target" field set console 1

i just wanna pass da first level only that.get the session 6c with mullins but i stock in d doors i dont know how to open

Hold down x,y when on mission mode after completing the game and it will give you the chance to play as the enemys on all of the missions.


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