Super Mario Sunshine


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1 Video, 1 Cheat available for Super Mario Sunshine, see below

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GET YOSHI: Defeat Pinna Park episode 4. A replay of Shadow Mario holding a Yoshi egg will appear in the town square. Hose him down to get Yoshi. To wake Yoshi up, give him the fruit he's dreaming of.

press,on th d-pad, up, down, left, right, right, right, right while holding down L and R to become invisible for a few seconds. It really works

In delfino plaza,go to the lighthouse.In the sand in front of the lighthouse spray water on the sand.A shine picture will appear,keep spraying and a shine sprite will appear

How to go fastYou can run to get to places faster by repeating pressing b. This can get you to places much fatser

on the pesky pirahna level there is a ring of flowers in the ground.sqirt a flower till it becomes alive then sqirt it intoo the wall. it should splat against the wall and give you a few coins.

after geting the rocket nozzle go to the place tha is near the big shine rocket to the top jump into the red pipe to go to new lvl

Get the turbo nozzle at the left of you when you start you have a shine take the turbo nuzzle hold R and run into the doors. the same you can do between the 2 guy's a little bit after the fruit market

To get an easy shine sprite when you have the rocket nozzel, all you have to do is get up on the tower with the huge sun, and clean it off.

get on a boat at delfino plaza. as the boat goes under the bridge you can jump up and you will begin a game of pinball

on 1 of the little islands in delfino there will be a man stuck and a fire and a pipe and a tree climb up trhe tree and a gold bird will appear shoot it a couple of times and u will get a shine.

If you float in the water with the hover nozzle your water cannon shall stay full and with yoshi you can fire water if you equip the squirt nozzle

To spray a lot of ground quickly, do a spin jump rotate joystick and press A and then press R. This is helpful when cleaning up sludge or defeating the big manta ray in sirena beach.

to do a fire ground pound all you have to do is go to a really high place and jump off. while you jump off, do a ground pound and mario's butt wil start on firedon't worry,it doesn't hurt you

In the main Island Delfino have the Turbo Nozzle unlocked then select it start racings around and ram into the Western Looking Swinging doors to get blue coins and even Shine Sprites.Have fun.

to kill mario dive then crash for me but you shall land DEAD HA HA HA HA HA . .ps:i am the real shadowmario M

to kill mario dive then crash for me but you shall land DEAD HA HA HA HA HA . .ps:i am the real shadowmario M


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