Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

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Complete the game easily :All you have to do is complete all the goalsAnd the gaps And the cash icons which happens to be quite hard

get secret levels- go to main menu, choose tony hawk and enter in the fist level. in the begining of the level, you hit "pause" and type in:ifrodneymullenisproimbetterthanhim

Also in the options >>> cheat menu type the next things:belikeerici'myellowfreewheeliefbiagentCheck out [url removed] for the resultsHave fun

OO - Unlock DaisyWatchMeXplode - Unlock everythingBeLikeEric - Perfect BalanceI'mYellow - Full SpecialMoonhot - Moon GravityFBIAgent - Slomo Mod


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