Yu-Gi-Ohunpack21 Duelists of the Roses


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1 Cheat available for Yu-Gi-Ohunpack21 Duelists of the Roses, see below

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an the main menu hold down r2 L2 r1 L1 and a small menu will pop up. If you want to getall cards in the game type in the password allcards.to start with 10,000 life points type in Lp 10,000.

fight a super pig if u go to the pegusus level the one where u duel pegusus then while its loading up hit X O O X X O O then u will be dueling a pig LOL

Super Decks at the start of the game enter ur name as either : Konami, Rod or Puzzle. and u should get random decks super decks


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