Crysis - Escape Paradise

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savegame enable

Enabling SAVEGAMES In Crysis:Escape Paradise 1. Go to: ...\Crysis\Mods\EscapeParadise \Game\Levels\EscapeParadise; 2. Unpack "mission_mission0.xml" from level.pak (WinRAR can do it); 3. Open file by any text editor (Notepad++); 4. Use 'find and replace with' tool (CTRL+H) "DisableSave" portOut="out" enabled="1"/> replace for: "DisableSave" portOut="out" enabled="0"/> in whole file (it's about 27000 lines long, so "Replace All"); 5. Save file and push it into level.pak (overwrite ofc); 6. Well, it changes gameplay a little, use it if u rly want to.

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