Crysis v1.1 (+6 Trainer)

Crysis v1.1 (+6 Trainer)

Crysis v1.1 (+6 Trainer)

Text file description:

       _______  _______     ________     ____    ____
          ||||___/ ||________||  ||
    /\______,|||/`      /        _|  ||
            |_   ||_       |____       `| __ ||
          /|  ||       <|        |/||
    /       `|___ ||__/   /   /____||/        /|
   `        ||||     ||`       |/  |
   Size: 663040 Bytes
   Ripper: ReeBSaW
   SuppLier: ReeBSaW                                                         
   Releasedate: 10-01-2008
   Requirements: Crysis-Razor1911
   Six stunning options for this great game:
   F1 - Infinite Health, well your immortal..yeaaah.                         
   F2 - Infinite Power, you've got non decreasing power in your suite. Jump
        , sprint etc as long as you want.                                    
   F3 - Unlimited ammo, this was a tricky one. Well we fixed it now only YOU
        have got infinite ammo and no reload.                                
   F4 - Unlimited Grenade, gives you 10 grenades. Only works for you, and
        you will first have to find atleast 1 grenade. (works for flashbangs
        etc. too).                                                           
   F6 - Infinite Night Vision Energy, well now you can spy in the dark for
   F7 - Death Sentence, well basicly this is an one hit kill option. But it
        works a little different. For example: if you run to fast in a tree
        or something get's thrown at ya it will hurt you. The same goes for
        enemy. So when this option is activated, and they run to fast into a
        tree they'll be dead:) Use this option wisely!
   Notes: Great + great update = new trainer. Hope ya enjoy this one!        
          This trainer is tested on WINXP 32 BIT and VISTA 32 BIT, both are
          PS VISTA USERS: Ya know the drill, run the trainer in administrator
   We are looking for experienced game hackers:)
                           ``   F%yhazk
  [Group NFO]                                                `|ooo"  `MMRd=?ah
                  ` h$gkymgqm:VMMHhi(y
   RELOADED                                   `         gyyyyphhhzssq$8Kmz=(x
   AVANGED                                kzxNOF}_ ```ihpahhzhhoaazhxsh$Tb=oa
   VITALITY                              1xkmyhhR#0 ` hzuzazaxzaazoxrir$ddry)
   VLISO                                 pkdI$pkkhRWK$pasonzaaa&aaot||))ybbm*
   RAZOR1911                             kdyJbkImmmkRKxa&nhxhx&&atan<*||=+ey}.
   FLT                                   >Imk?i&kmIIy9keaxi<|(nx&&uu}|<|(=/ib-
   aSxDOX                                 $kx)?tnxLLxsau&|*|*:*oan&&}**)(===x
   BREWERS                                adk?}\1kkx&xz*****:*|n&v&=*|<
   PIZZADOX                                kx)}>ihdxx}*}}***}**=&u&n}*?N%#?)
   and some more, but it doesnt fit:P      ?kk)=ahkx}*}***!**}!*-&env*|W%W9i
   you know who you are;)                   `syahph=***:*([i1)(*:?&&&||f0F0%H[
                        Greetz!              kpkpua>|:*}*NK%KF***"e&a*i5F##Wy
  PLease contact us for the following:        NJf=?|iWM%M%%WFAa1=}((|2FF+i$MWW
 1) Good and friendly game hackers...     :    t1J=N%WWMW%WF3((}>!>>WF88r(iMM$
 2) Pre game pre's;)                      ~~"   vty%%M%W%#%%}=i(}!}>)OKp(iM#
 3) Affil sites, prefered gbit.             "}  !aB%WM%%WW%KipYz>}}}}>>*!(rK,
 4) Fun!:D                                     ` `A#%W#%W#%%]]==)}|!>!"!!fO9
 ***************************************              O%WWW##E8PTa]t1fftD
 *  Mail:              *                  F9Y     PVJHS
      [NFO design by n00cL30n & anton-]
                        [Team ReeBSaW: In the scene since 2001=====---------EoF]

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This is almost always a false alarm.


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