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Amazon Total War 6.0K


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Amazon Total War 6.0K is a mod and a tribute about ancient equestrian matriarchal societies. Because most ancient horses are only 12 hands tall (48" or 120cm), it gives women a distinct advantages as cavalry soldier. Instead being Greco-Roman oriented, the mod is about how a small but mobile force with stand-off capability can overwhelm large field forces even in the ancient battlefield. This mod is based on the popular Rome: Total War, but it is one of very few mods of Rome:Total War which are not Greco-Roman-centric

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New Amazon Total War 7.0 Released

If you are interested in Amazon Total War, or have been thinking about downloading it. Be sure to check out the latest 7.0A release. Amazons Total War 7.0 allows the player to explore many modern military concepts on the battlefields of antiquity. Such as - Mobility and Stand-off Weapon capability using various women cavalry units. - Deploying Area Denial "minefield" on the battlefield using field engineers. - Wagon fighting units with battle tactics not unlike German Panzer in WWII. - Guerrilla Warfare, allowing agent to infiltrate enemy territory to raise army deep behind the enemy line. - Long Range Mobile Artillery, allowing artillery barrage, fire-support, and counter-battery - Linked Armor-Clad Cavalry, a dominating cavalry formation for centuries in Eurasia, never before depicted by any video game. - Terrifying Super-heating Incendiary Weapons, in modern day military parlance AKA the thermite munition. Other Highlight of 7.0 Series - New extended campaign map, now from British Isle to Afganistan. - New Far Eastern Celt faction, based on latest archaeological finding and anthropological theories. - Newly re-balanced Amazon Advanced Units. - New longbow 4 horses chariots units. - Custom RS II battle environment with lush scenery. - Quest based game play, a player's faction can not attain higher cultural level without certain quest objective being met. - Balance Unit Modeling, capability as well as animation appearance of a unit should have direct relation with the cost and the infrastructure of where the unit is raised. - Four turns per year play.

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