Rome: Total War (+2 Trainer)

Rome: Total War (+2 Trainer)

Rome: Total War (+2 Trainer)

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                               proudly presents:
                        Rome: Total War (c) Activision
     Trained by .....: [POiZN]                Release Date .....: 01/2005
     Packaged by ....: [POiZN]                Game Type ........: Strategy
                 Language .....: English/German (maybe Int.)
    F5  - Infinite Money
    F6  - Unlimited Liberty of Action
    F7  - Back to Normal
    Infinite Money:
    Stops Money from decreasing when purchasing buildings or recruit units.
    Want Money?: Simply build something or recruit some units and remove them
    from the list. Money will be added.
    Unlimited Liberty of Action:
    Ahh ... I love this option. When activated you can go around the world and
    back within a single round.
    Back to Normal:
    Clears the effect of Infinite Money and Unlimited Liberty of Action.
    1 - Unpack to Gamedir
    2 - Run Trainer
    3 - Start game via Trainer
    4 - Use hotkeys
    If your group/team is looking for a new (Trial-)Member mail:
    Note: [POiZN] is NOT a group/team in any way. I am [POiZN]. That means the
    one who has trained this game.
               AGES, HOODLUM, RELOADED, TNT, BlackMagic, MYTH & Drax

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