1 Million Xbox One Units Sold On Launch Day

Microsoft announced today that Xbox One has sold more than 1 million units during its first 24 hours in market.

This is the same number reported by Sony for PlayStation 4 units sold on launch day last week. It must be noted though that PlayStation 4 has been released on North America only while Xbox One is on sale in 13 markets, including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand.

During the 24 hours after Xbox One launched:
• Over 60 million zombies have been killed in “Dead Rising 3”
• Over 3.6 million miles driven in “Forza Motorsport 5"
• Over 7.1 million combos in “Killer Instinct”
• Over 8.5 million enemies defeated in “Ryse: Son of Rome”

According to Microsoft, Xbox One stock has been depleted at most stores. The company promised that it is working hard to replenish stock, but it didn't give specific dates for next shipments.

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Only criminals would buy ****

Only criminals would buy **** day one. Honestly wait a few months before buying new tech. I honestly didn't buy a 360 until the 2nd year mark... saved me a lot of hear ache lol. This one though.. 1 year max, and even than It's cheaper to just buy a wireless 360 dongle for the computer and use Steam big picture.

I bought the Xbox for the

I bought the Xbox for the exclusives and so far I haven't been disappointed I was expecting some launch hiccups but I was pleasantly surprised that everything worked fine, fired up Killer Instinct right away, i always expect issues with new tech it is almost an industry standard with new consoles graphics cards and first revision motherboards.

The ps4 and xbox one are not

The ps4 and xbox one are not next gen they will never run games at 4k they are only slightly better than there predecessors and as my current pc is well beyond there specifications I see no reason to upgrade from a 360 or ps3 unless your after the exclusives. Still very disappointed in the new consoles at least they are priced alright.

SWEEET !!!! ....

One million idiots who will be raging all over the internet because their new next gen console died, broke, ran off with their wives or WTF ever else can happen. stick with PC and live a long happy life !

you may have been right in

you may have been right in like 1983, and even somewhat right until 1997, but since 2005 GM has been making some of the best cars in the world. Their line-up since 2009 has been the best it has been since 1971. I mean for ****'s sake they've built a motor that makes 460HP and gets 29MPG. That's great engineering. If anyone is interested in understanding just what happened to GM from the days of Sloan and Earl to 2008 there's a good book by Bob Lutz that explains what happened.

dont mind them they just have

dont mind them they just have nothing better to do in life. microsoft is doing just fine so far and i know they will sell lots of consoles. saying that i will probably never buy one since i have a ps4, almost all games are multiplatform or for pc and if i really want to i will just go to someones house to play something on xbox


I'd wait and see on that. Already there are widespread cd rom failures. Last generation first year systems in the first year had over a 50 percent failure raite. I think it was between the 54-56 percent but can't remember for sure. If I was you I wouldn't build my system library up to much or you will be going through 4 or 5 systems by next gen release.

Crapstation troll

It was more like 8 percent I believe And almost no cd rom failures! It was overheating Crapsack, Anyway Im really sorry your Crapstation is at almost 60 percent with all the problems its having nuff said.

The day you die, marching

The day you die, marching bands wil play a victory fanfare at your funeral. Disgusting retarded ignorant worm. Failbox had 50+% failure rates and it did have DVD Drives that scratched the games to unplayability. But all you had was gaylo so who cared. Do your research you worm.

...and both of you are

Big stupid people, who doesn't see that other people have different point of view when buy their consoles, man if you want xbox, go and buy yours, sure that it will have great games and stuff...same for ps4...but, in the end of day you surely will end playing your PC.


Not everyone denies it I prefer it, PC always wins hands down. At least all these console freaks are giving PC's a better image over Mac's, its like a Mac vs PC but for consoles now el oh el.

It's okay worthless raging

It's okay worthless raging banned fanboy ******. Pay more for less. Enjoy your launch problems. Enjoy your shitty, rehashed, unoriginal, failure fratboy games. Enjoy paying for failbox live to have ads and be screamed at. Enjoy being a completely worthless, retarded waste of life compressed into human being form. Remember until the day you die from forgetting how to breathe - because you are retarded enough to - , that you are an inferior piece of **** <3. Oh and get cancer while we're at it. Just to hurry things along.

You misspelled FINE oh great

You misspelled FINE oh great and powerful supreme leader. Ah back to humanities end! - Lets start with the North and South Poles never really liked those much. While we are at oh great wise one "EVIL SMIRK" lets turn up the Earth's atmosphere, we can start by holding power companies for ransom.

It's okay, animal.

It's okay, animal. Lowlife retards like you who have no right being alive will not understand the difference between a typo and a "Mis-spell". Get cancer and die slowly for my amusement. Disgusting worm. Typical failmericunt.

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