240GB SSD Prices Continue to Plummet - Perfect for Gaming


Prices for SSDs are continuing to drop, as memory manufacturing gets more and more efficient and the cost of individual chips falls further and further. This is leading to many more gamers getting onboard the SSD train and finding it revolutionises their gaming experience.

While 64GB and 120GB SSDs have been at an affordable range for quite some time, gamers will often need a little bit more space than that, especially if you factor in 20GB for the operating system. 240GB is the sweetspot, where it's not too expensive but offers enough storage that you'll very unlikely to need to delete any games for quite some time - as long as you make sure to store your photos and long term backup files on a secondary hard drive. This has been the case for a while with SATA II drives, but now we're really starting to see viable SATA III options near the $200 mark. Currently at Ebuyer you can pick up an OCZ 240GB SATA III Agility III for $210. This has read/write speeds both over 500MBps. Similarly the Corsair 240GB Force 3 isn't much more, offering around 25MBps more on both stats.

The tide is really turning on SSDs and I think it won't be long before everyone is gaming with one.

Really if you don't have one at this point though, or aren't considering getting one, you probably aren't aware what an impact it can make. As it stands, unless you're running a system that is more than five years old, you'll notice the most difference in your PC usage and gaming experience by upgrading to an SSD, over practically any other update. It drops boot times right down, it massively improves responsiveness as soon as you get into the OS, makes everything that much more snappy, but perhaps more importantly: brings load times for games down to mere seconds.

How many of you guys are gaming on an SSD these days?

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240gb not the sweet spot

yeah when 1TB SSD come down to their HDD price of only $200 or so ill glady get multiple ones to replace all my HDD's but have just got a nice 160gb SSD for my OS and programs boot time under 30 sec's, rocking 6tb's and 1tb is just for games

ssd ' s are about 20 seconds

ssd ' s are about 20 seconds or more depending if you have them in raid or not, ssd 's are amazing , small and cooler by a 30% oc per drive , less space = cooler pc , like it has been said, non ssd 's users or whatever , dont know how to maintain a health pc simple as, mine is top end and is amazingly fast, windows example takes 30 secs about where as non ssd 's take 1min , so take ya pick be cheap or be a true pc builder who knows what there doing lol !!!


Wow faster load times for each level? Who the **** cares. Im quite happy with my Sata III 300gb WD Raptor drive. In the end, the games run the same speed, sure ill wait the extra 2 seconds for each loading screen. Had 2 SSD's die on me just from using them from daily use. 2 different brands. Ill stick with platters until the tech matures a bit more.

I just got a samsung 830 and

I just got a samsung 830 and wished i saved my money fully updated and tweeked my os boots just as fast as before.... maybe if your retarded and have 20 startup programs itll load faster firefox opens slightly quicker sometimes wd caviar black 7200rpm is plenty fast even for top end systems all this other nonsense is just noise


dam.. how i wish SSD can be pirated, maybe by the chinese. we can then get it for much cheaper, manufacturer these days like to set high price, still remembers the HDD sudden high price last time, is all HDD come from thailand? pfft.. these type attitude of the manufacturer need to be punish. chinaman should clone and copy SSD and other hardware too. id like to say one day, i could store all of my roms and isos into that sweet fast SSD.

I see how SSD will be

I see how SSD will be replacing current HDD, but to be honest 240 GB is nothing for a gamer or video editor. Also when you consider the price difference even with high end HDD vs SSD you will get a similar performance with a RAID setup. a setup of 4 x 1T HDD in a RAID configuration and you will get amazing performance. Now, like I said, SSD will replace HDD at some point, and the main upside to SSDs is that they are a lot less sensitive to impact or vibrations. 5 Years from now SSDs will also increase in performance along with prices and we will forget about HDD at some point like the old Floppy disc.

Nah ssd wont be replacing

Nah ssd wont be replacing current hdds, not as ssd's currently are anyway, even if they were to get very cheap tomorrow. Simply put, SSD's have a very limited life time. Due to the tech they use, there is a limited amount of times you can write data to each block, once you've used up all your writes, you can only read the block. The same is true for standard hd's but the write limit is much higher. Who wants a hard disk that will turn into a read only disk in a few years? Consumers, its not so bad for us, but companies (the guys who represent most of HD sales) wont be using SSD's for storage anytime soon.


Limited life my ***, maybe if you buy a piece of **** OCZ drive. I have had an Intel SSD since SSD'***** the consumer market and it still has 95% life left. Its years old and has been my Boot drive ever since. Dont spread false bullshit


Ever since I switched to SSD, my ***** has been unsure when I ********** to porn, and it's taking me a little longer to *********, I think my ***** will get used to it though, it is the future of computers, eventually there will be little to no moving parts in computers, one big computer chip will be the entire computer perhaps... and when that happens I think maybe my Masturbating will take seconds, instead of minutes, but until then I think I'm sexually satisfied with SSD. I just don't want computers to evolve to a point where SSD turns into STD.

Much faster then standard HDD

Much faster then standard HDD (depending on how fast SSD you get), but I don't see any difference in gaming. Some games have crappy coding, or the coding just don't go beyond a point. But then again I did go overboard with my system.

Gaming has a technical side?

Gaming has a technical side? Technically you need to be a game dev to call it technical! SSD is not meant to replace current HDD its just a different method of utilizing ram intelligently. Certain apps load and run faster on SSD than a normal HDD.

Only if...

Only if the game developers take the extra time to make their games more fluent with SSD will everything work just that much better. I personally run a SATA thats on 15000rpm spin speed with just 109GB of space, and its more than enough for gaming.

"Only if the game developers

"Only if the game developers take the extra time to make their games more fluent with SSD will everything work just that much better" <-- Has no idea what he is saying. All SSD has is faster load times, it wont change anything once the game is already running because things have already been sent from the HD to the RAM which is several times faster than ssd's. The only scenario where an ssd might prove useful for gaming is if you have a PC with 1gb of ram or so, where memory swapping occurs frequently, but then again someone with that kind of setup wouldnt have an SSD to begin with.

Fact is game devs like taking

Fact is game devs like taking shortcuts or using the guys technology, the biggest problem plaguing gaming in general is that no one does it right from the hardware perspective. There might certain things they pull off but in other aspects they totally kill performance in other areas. I guess it's just like operating systems bugs and patches a constant continuum. Skyrim is probably the best latest example of just that.

Brilliant display of ignorance chump

There is no such thing as doing things right "from the hardware perspective". Simply put, pcs have WAY too many different components, made by many different companies for devs to worry about every single one, it's just not doable. Hence we have DirectX, OpenGL, OpenAL, Bullet, Havok and other APIs and Middleware which devs either use or face the fact that it'll take them over a decade of coding and debugging to release an outdated game made for outdated hardware.

"240GB is the sweetspot,

"240GB is the sweetspot, where it's not too expensive but offers enough storage that you'll very unlikely to need to delete any games for quite some time" - Really? I'm quite sure just my steam folder is about twice that size and I have several games uninstalled to save space. With aaa games exceeding 10gb and windows going over 20gb you can't have that much on a 240gb drive. Bring in cheap 500gb SSD's and we're talking.

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