$3000 GeForce GTX Titan Z Is Less Powerful Than $1500 Radeon R9 295X2

Now that NVIDIA's $3000 GeForce GTX Titan Z is finally out, PC Perspective was able to benchmark it just to confirm that its price is completely unjustified.

After comparing the Titan Z to AMD's $1500 Radeon R9 295X2 and NVIDIA's own $650 GeForce GTX 780 Ti in SLI, PC Perspective found that Titan Z was consistently overrun by both configurations by up to 30% in all tests.

In addition to the price difference, Radeon R9 295X2 takes up two slots only while Titan Z takes up 3. On the plus side for NVIDIA, Titan Z is considerably more power efficient and quitter than AMD's card. Nonetheless, it is doubtful that those are high priorities for hardcore games will to spend a couple thousands of bucks on a graphics card.

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so bad that topic

Initially Titan was build for server used flike intense calcul in 3D animation, modelize data from interformeter, sicence stuf, like Tesla is used today(That why that card take 3 slot. So it is not credible to benchmarking because , the drivers , the part who link the os to the hardware.is not optimal for exploiting the card correctly.(sometime, in devloppement for going somewhere, ther is a lot of way, but the one chosen may be not the shorter) . That also questionnable if the actual chipset on common motherboard exploit PCI express 3, Juste for using SLI PCIE 3.0 you need 2 Sandy or Nforce chipset... If not, the card is used in pcie 2.0 ( not a big inconvient because for some game, being in pcie 2.0 has up to 19% of more frame/sec than 2 SLI in PCIE 3.0, So that why I'm woundering even if PCI express 3.0 is enough to exploit a gpu stacked with 5760 cores and 12 GB with a Sandy or nForce chipset.I dont think put my mind on SLI.... Even the legendery EVGA 4 sli aprouved with dual sandy, does'nt wear correctly the power of the cards (GTX 780 or less ). For some game the driver s not good for for the GTX 700 series why should it be better with the Titan? The drivers has to munch influence, to indicate objectivly that Titan is less performant than Radeon. . I'm note worried, later we will see Titan, tesla gpu with more instruction for game use, for consumer and lower price. But that comparaison is very WRONG! It is like comparing a Smart with a Loader Catterpillar. We must make pressure to NVDIA and AMD for making drivers for a card that we have already paid and has some poor performance because of them (Such like Wolfeinstein and AMD problem). Why solding a product that is not finished ? is it that the problem ?

another thing

I have GTX 760 SLI , and another one in his original box covered of the original plastic seel. Why it is still in the box and i did'nt use 3 way sl ? Because the driver make better performance with SLI than 3-WAY SLI , just search gtx760 sli vs 3 way sli , and the benchmark slow the swing to put a third GPU in the PC. 3-way SLI exist before Titan technology, why should i think that the driver for the titan was suitable for benchmarking correctly ?


as long the driver will not reach the performance that we have bought , i dont think benchmarking like that is appropriate... Probably the next Titan gpu version will has more afinity with AMD and Intel "i" familly cpus, it cannot be bad for helping them to make more suitable driver. I slam devlopper of GPU. Intel , Nvidia and AMD bought the compagnys, or/and exclusivity who produced some crucial part of a video card, like for the Vmemory,multiplexor etc... couple years ago to put 3DFX and ATI in a good position to receive a ostie offert(stuff like a email personnal at each actionner to take in single the decision to sold his action to the one who offer the deal). I started to think that was for lower there quality and make more money whit only the strict minimum to give us a product of quality ( Yes, the driver is a part of the graphic card that we bought. We bought theme for technical spec, and during use , we realyze that the performance see doesn't correspond to what it supposed to do. SHAKE UP NVIDIA AND AMD

Even before we knew this, the

Even before we knew this, the 3000 dollar price tag was a little confusing. The only advantage to the titan Z is you'll likely enjoy better driver support, and youve got a bit of extra vram to play with. If AMD can support the 295x2 well, and not have it turn out like the 7990 which i heard terrible things about, then the ultra high end goes to AMD hands down.

nvidia? not if they paid me

i may consider giving nvidia/intel another chance if they can return to innovating . . . however that hasnt happened in quite some time, and therefore ill stick with AMD/ATI. heck, intel is all proud that they are releasing an 8 core processor at the end of the year, meanwhile AMD has had one out for how long now? 2 yrs? 3 yrs?

AMD failed so hard with their

AMD failed so hard with their 6/8 "Cores" that i swapped from an hardcore AMD Fanboy to buying intel processors. Innovation doesnt equalize to just add the number of "cores", even if AMD has no true 6/8 core processor. While everyone got it, how long did you remain clueless? 2 yrs? 3 yrs?


lol you think AMD is innovating.... O the irony Their cpu's suck and are only good for budget systems. intel's i5 quad cores cream AMD's eight cores 9 times out of 10.AMD's "eight core" cpus are not true eight cores, they have four modules with two integer processors that share resources. Intel's i7 quads 6 cores outclass AMD and now eight cores will even further ahead of the game.

Hybrid Car

The Titan series is a niche market for gamers and to a point, devs / art creators. The Titan is a hybrid graphica card featuring awesome game processing whilst also performing great in GPU computing applications. You can either have a very fast gamer card or a very fast computing card, the Titan attempts to offer best of both world. Compare the Titan Z to Tesla/Firepro/Quadro computing and dev card prices, and its price is not that extravagant. This is not for average consumers - wait for Maxwell.


not sure what your smoking but please dont share . . . im runnign 8 yr old AMD/ATI hardware thats pretty massively overclocked since im able to run the newest games still, and yet my CPU runs at 45C and my GPU runs at 37C under full load in mid summer, and down as far as 17-20C in winter lmao whatever your running or smoking, you need to send it back

It's pretty stupid of you to

It's pretty stupid of you to try to talk down a stock cards temp with whatever custom shit you have for oc'ing. Normal video cards run hotter than 37C just to display a desktop, let alone a 3d game, stupid cunt.


That's Hilarious! That is EXACLTY what I have said about Nvidia cards for the past 10 years. MUCH hotter and uses FAR more wattage. Nothing like a half assed mid range GTX 260 averaging 90c at 85% fan speed while running simple games! And yes, it was also in a GREAT case with perfect airflow (or as good as one can get). Loud and wailing like a dying animal. And the wattage? YIKES! Never seen a AMD/ATI card run past 75c even in a poorly ventilated case. NVidia? More like Nshitia! I have personally burned out far too many of their cards to ever want to deal with them ever again.

It doesn't even have the

It doesn't even have the single-chip advantage of the original Titan :/ My entire gaming PC cost lass than half of what that card costs and ca still max everything at 1440p... there must be a very special segment of gamers they're targeting but idk who it is.

oh there is definetly a niche

oh there is definetly a niche market they are targetting . . . rich isiots that know nothing about computers but must have the absolute newest hardware, regardless of cost or how well it works. . . you know, they type of person that mixes intel with ATI and AMD with nvidia?

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