Acquaman Ready for XBox, GC

TDK Mediactive announced that "Aquaman:Battle for Atlantis" has shipped for the Nintendo GameCube video game system and the Xbox video game system from Microsoft to retail outlets throughout North America. The game marks the first solo appearance by one of the founding members of the Justice League of America, and follows Aquaman's long anticipated return as a monthly comic series.

We're proud to be bringing Aquaman, one of DC Comics' greatest super heroes, to next generation gaming platforms, said Michael Devine, executive vice president, sales and marketing, TDK Mediactive. With the recent resurgence in popularity for classic super heroes, it's the perfect time to introduce a game that focuses on one of the greatest champions from the ocean's depths.

Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis is a single player action/adventure set in a vast ocean world that has been invaded by an army of Aquaman's greatest foes from the pages of his comic book past. The game features 21 undersea levels, as Aquaman defends the deep-sea city of Atlantis against his most infamous arch-enemies Ocean Master, Black Manta and the Lava Lord of the Fire Trolls.

Other game features include:

- Fight 13 enemy types in bruising three-dimensional underwater battles.

- 5 submarine attack levels let you bombard your enemies in from an attack sub's first person viewpoint.

- Control Aquaman's cybernetic morphing hook-hand and telepathic powers.

- Hunt scores of enemies through the legendary city of Atlantis

- Unlock and play as Classic Aquaman, Tempest, or as the arch villain, Black Manta.

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Acquaman Ready for XBox, GC

Please, Marvel Comics is littered with suckier heroes than Aquaman. Take a look at the Sh*tfest that was Marvel's mutant scene from 1988-1997. Then look at the fifth and sixth string heroes who have been in The Avengers and the Defenders. Finally, forget all of that and remeber that Aquaman beat Namor's ass by dropping a whale on him. I hope this game rocks!

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