Activision Boss: We Need To Work On Our Reputation Among Hardcore Gamers

Once a hardcore gamers' favorite, Activision has seen its reputation decline among that demographic following its legal battle with Infinity Ward and its decision to release a new Call of Duty sequel each year.

Eric Hirshberg, the newly-appointed head of Activision Publishing has admitted the company's reputation crisis and acknowledged that it has to be turned around even though they are shifting their focus to more casual gaming.

"I think there's certainly a reality to that [Activision's bad reputation] in the hardcore gaming blogosphere," he said. "You sort of can't escape that there's some perceptual problems and an air of controversy, certainly right now."

"I don't think that's anything that's widely-held in the consumer community, but I definitely think it's something that we need to correct," Hirshberg concluded. "A company that has so many of the world's most beloved games should have the reputational momentum to match, amongst gamers."

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Yeah Right!

Well it's not only Activision, most companies are forgetting about the true and hardcore gamers in exchange for more money as the market for casual gamers is way bigger than those of hardcore.

They started with the destruction of WoW, I was among those that started it and raided when raids were hard and required effort, now its just about going there and farming the loot.

Wow....Activision is completely oblivious....

Yup, they have lost a lot of rep with gamers, but not because of Call of Duty or anything remotely close to that. It's because of how much they destroyed World of Warcraft. They have already lost close to 1 million subscribers since the announcement of Cataclysm.

What do the players have to do Activision? Hit you in the face with a baseball bat before you figure it out?

As a player that started playing WoW since beta, I quit about a year ago when Cataclysm was announced. I'm so fed up with Activision destroying the game I loved, that at this point, I refuse to buy ANY gave with Activisions name attached to it....including any Guitar Hero game.

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