Activision Sued Over Delta Force Trademark Infringement In Call Of Duty

NovaLogic, the developer behind the famous Delta Force FPS series has filed a lawsuit against Activision over the unsolicited use of the Delta Force logo in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

In the lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles, NovaLogic seeks damages and an injunction for trademark infringement against Activision. After stating that Activision has continued to use the Delta Force trademark despite multiple warnings from NovaLogic, the company noted that Activision has also copied the Delta Force logo with minor modifications.

"The infringing mark's lightning rod is horizontal rather than vertical and a portion of the delta sign is set behind the dagger blade rather than being superimposed," reads the complaint.

"Despite Activision's irrefutable knowledge of NovaLogic's superior trademark rights, Activision created knockoff marks that are nearly identical [to] NovaLogic's design and word marks. Activision then shamelessly inserted these infringing marks throughout its competing first person military adventure video games."

The complaint then notes that Activision has licensed the name and mark out to hardware manufacturers Turtle Beach and Microsoft, and the BradyGames division of Penguin Books without NovaLogic's permissions -- all of whom are included in the lawsuit.

A key point in NovaLogic’s case is the fact that the Delta Force moniker is not associated with the U.S. army or any of its divisions and teams.

"There is no unit of the U.S. Army called Delta Force," the court filing notes, "There is a branch of the Army's Special Operations known as 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta ('1st SF-ODD'). The U.S. Army officially denies that any unit called Delta Force exists and does not claim ownership to either the Delta Force name or the logo."

"Although there is much lore surrounding special operation units, only because of the Delta Force series does the general public identify the logo with any ancillary existing military unit," NovaLogic stressed.

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oh please

i used to play delta force but i got hold of cod mw3 i love it . u never get to use the predator drone u can use it in delta force . the weapons in cod rock so dos the action . delta force sucks when it comes to cod why u think the first 2 days it come out it thay made 400m cod rocks get used to it .

What a load of c**p

They look similar but just coz it has a triangle and blade doesn't make it "belong to delta force" and who's worried about delta force anyways they'll never be as good as any Activision game!!!!!

Wow, could you be more of a retarded teen if you tried

Talking like a true Cod fanboy who thinks he actually knows something about games! You brainless casual gamers are the main reason for the endless clone shit keeps popping up, keep buying the same game and think youre a serious gamer. There is no doubt that the logo/name is copied, unless youre blinded by your 15yearld old brains fanboyism

Its a **** move than

Its a dick move than Activision didnt take not of the warnings and could take 5 seconds to come up with something original. Hope they do get a hefty fine, maybe theyll learn theyre not as untouchable as they think they are.

Copied or not it doesn't matter.

Copyrighting is bullshit. You say there's no doubt it's copied, I could say no doubt it isn't. Nobody owns the colors of pixels on a screen, the colors of paint on paper, the position of transistors in a processor, the arrangement of particles on a disk or words in a language. I fucking hate CoD games, they are all the same, and there are many games out there about war with fictitious scenarios & tons of cut scenes & one of the creators of such a game could be trying to sue another for "copying" the game just 'cuz it has some similarities. Even if the DF logo were indiscernible from one shitty, boring, lame assed military shooter to the other, it's nobody's fucking business. Patents are fucking bullshit too.

Freeride Forever

So what if you made a piece of music that you had spent time, effort and money on and i came along and copied it making subtle changes along the way? Are you seriously going to suggest that you wouldn't do something about it?------------------------------- The facts are, Novalogic made that logo. Their graphics designers probably spent a good few hours looking for inspiration before a pen was even put to paper.-------------------------It doesn't matter whether you think 'patents are bullshit'. -------The facts are, they exist to protect someone's intellectual property.-------- I think you need to get a grip and keep off the meds.


Whilst copyrights are to protect its creators, the Activision designers may never have seen the Delta Force logo and "spent time, effort and money on" developing the logo. The thing is you need to ask the question, is the logo the same? no? then there is 100% no breach of copyright. Similar is a load of bullshit. Lots of things in life are similar. That does not make them identical. Logically, no breach of copyright has taken place. Novalogic is just looking for a free lunch. I hope they get smashed and made an example for other free lunch seekers.

Your IQ is what, 45?

Youre still just a fanboy, if you wouldnt like activision you wouldnt make these childish comments of yours. The level of your intellect is very low as we can all see, and the lack of knowledge and even fucking common sence is mindblowing. Lying freeloaders that steal other peoples ideas and try to steal credit and fame is an big issue in the world, thats why there is laws and copyrights to protect the creator/inventors rights! You clearly dont have a creative mind, you try to defend something that is clearly wrong just shows the true motives behind your actions. You should be able to copy your classmates paper and get the credit cause 4th grade science project is too hard for you since you dont know how to light a match. Please kid dont write more, youre allready set back your familys evolution for a couple of century's

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