Activision Urges EA To Stop Mud-Slinging Call Of Duty

The bulk of Activision's CEO of publishing Eric Hirschberg's Gamescom keynote was dedicated to encouraging the company's unnamed "competitors" (hint: EA) to concentrate on developing their own games and to stop trash-talking about Call of Duty.

"Competition is of course a good thing. It keeps us all on our toes and ultimately makes the games better. It's healthy," he said. "But it's one thing to want your game to succeed and another thing to actively, publicly say you want other games to fail."

"Can you imagine the head of Dreamworks animation coming out with a new movie and going to the press and saying that he wants Toy Story to 'rot from the core'," he asked. "It's kind of hard to imagine, right?"

That last comment refers to statement made by EA CEO John Riccitiello about the Call of Duty fan base. Put in context, we don't believe that Riccitiello's statement was inflammatory. The EA CEO argued that the majority of Call of Duty audience buy it because of the hype even if they don't play it half-way through. Riccitiello believes that the best way to lure those gamers to Battlefield is by winning the hardcore gamers over, hoping that the rest of the flock would follow them; he called this technique making the fan base "rot from the core."

In the Gamescom keynote, Activision CEO reminded his "competitors" that the videogames market is not a zero-sum market. "This isn't politics," he said. "In order for one to win, the other doesn't have to lose."

"The only way to do that is to continue to make great games. We shouldn't be tearing each other apart fighting for a bigger piece of the pie - we should all be focused on trying to grow a bigger pie. If we as an industry act like there's a finite number of games in the world, then there will be."

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Boo Hoo

COD sucks. Multiplayer is the same in all, just like EA just apply the patch with different settings. At first they wore good when they started. And they admitted to having massive cheating in the game.

Activision the cry baby's

Activision sound kind of scared.
And so they should.

I doubt that there would be many who think, and thought, that MW was a bad game. In fact i loved it.
What was bad was MW2.
They released this game knowing full well that there would be a massive backlash over it yet they went ahead with it anyway.
Most of what was promised was either not in the game or was over exaggerated or was made as DLC for making even more money.
In fact, things were so bad that Activision lost Infinity Wards founders and main developers.

Then we had Black Ops.
While it was good in multiplayer the single player was really poor.

The thing is Activision, you have a lot of making up to do before you get the true gamers and Infinity Ward/faithful playing again.
You will have loads of people buying your next COD game and the vast majority of them will be masquerading as true gamers but we all know they'll be playing on the consoles and no doubt the new game will be pandering towards them.
I'll tell you what though Activision, I won't be buying your game.
In fact, maybe you should just abandon the PC altogether.You would probably be doing us proper gamers a favour anyway.

You've openly admitted before now that the PC isn't as profitable and boy did you let us know it.
You've passed the blame to developers who in turn have passed it back.
You've ignored us through your support forums and even ignored us through Twitter.

You as a company are dire when it comes to customer support.
I would argue that you have the worst record of all publishers and i don't see that changing any time soon.
My view of your company is one of money first customers last. Everything else in between is to maintain that balance.

Change my mind if you can. I dare you.

MW is shit

MW was and still is a piece of shit. Call of duty stopped being good after 3.

They need to stop pumping out generic crap shooters that cater towards retards that are easier to please than a puppy like MW does.


Pretty much every shooter sucks these days, regardless of who develops or publishes it.

These corporate MBA's have no business in the games industry and should stick what their good banking, manufacturing, insurance, and playing tennis on Sundays.

COD is crap anyway.

Who cares, let them fling shit at MW. It's an abomination and the reason for so many scrub casual players flooding in and cluttering up the gaming industry with more crap. And don't get me started on console "gamers"


I hate all these big game developers/publishers. I do prefer EA over activision though. And also, activision are telling EA to stop trash talk and develop a better game.

Firstly, EA are not the developers of BF3; they are the publishers. So, they can trash talk all they want, and the game is still carrying on in its development.
Activision should start making better games that EA cannot trash talk.

BF3 is trying to evolve the FPS, while MW3 is just another remake of the exact same game. Graphics, story, gameplay have not changed. :D

Some education for the ignorants and/or fanboys...

DICE develops BF games, however EA bought DICE long ago. They just kept the name so people like you can keep spouting that senseless crap. Also BF3 is trying to evolve the FPS genre? Howso? By Implementing stuff they had back in BF2 and scrapped when they made modern combat? Wake up kiddie, BF remains the exact same game as it was when it first came out (bf 1942), nothing ever evolved besides graphics, physics and max players per server (only in bf2 and soon bf3) which is just part of the hardware evolution for both pcs and consoles, not a real evolution of the franchise (let alone of the whole FPS genre).

And MW is just so unique aye?

And MW is just so unique aye? Never mind the fact that all they do is release new "guns" e.g. pixels, and then give them a randomized recoil pattern for players to spend 20 hours trying to figure out after spending 20 hours trying to unlock said pixels, yeh real innovative.

Oh how silly, I forgot about the new maps, that they charge for.... and yet idiots still buy them because they get so bored of the shitty content they already have. Lemmings, honestly.

Fuck Activision

there just a bunch of winging, whining little fucks which no doubt finding way to maliciously rip-off customers and trying to make it legal.
i say shut these fuckers down and these 12 year old cod player should go a get a job, so they can use their brains for once.
Go suck a bag of dicks Bobby Kotick, you jew motherfucker you!

(a message form EA CEO John Riccitiello)
bwwwhahahaaaaa...i need blood

I agree

Instead of "EA Challenge everything" Its "EA Cancel everything" Just like they did when they bought out westwood studios and shutdown earth and beyond.

Whats that I smell

Another lawsuit? These people are really childish. Just imagine if all the best developers from the best companies got together, man they could pump out some really revolutionary games. It's like that old saying "UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL"


Sorry, that's just not how economics work. If you get the best devs and designers together you get a very expensive team that no company can afford and a game that won't sell that much more than a hit AAA title. So, forget the revolutionary thing, that's what indie devs are for. Expensive devs make pretty games that aren't so fun to play.
ps: the captcha was 'i love programmers'

Not really, get your facts right...

Valve is not an indie dev studio. Its a big company that's both a dev studio and major publisher. As for revolutionary, valve didn't do anything. The closest they came to that was portal which is just an idea they aquired by hiring the guys who originally made a revolutionary game (Narbacular Drop), who were indeed indie devs before working for valve. So yea, indies for revolutionary, big AAA companies for graphics.

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