Aliens Colonial Marines Looks Awful


Well there goes all my excitement for what I thought was going to be one of the coolest games of 2013. I've been watching Aliens Colonial Marines develop over the past few years: getting excited when new information was released and despairing when it looked like it might have been cancelled. Now it's finally here and I was hoping against all hope that it was going to be good, despite the trailers looking sub-par graphically and the Left-4-Dead style multiplayer making my stomach churn.

And how did it fare? Horribly. Everyone hates it and you can even run through levels without shooting and survive, the AI is that dumb.

I'll add the caveat that I haven't played it yet, but when everyone is suggesting 3/10 is about the best it's worth, it's hard to see any good in it. Just watch some gameplay footage too, the graphics are awful. This is a game that's been in development for over five years. And it's from Gearbox, you know, the guys that made Borderlands 2. So what went wrong?

Well it sounds like a lot of the single player was farmed off to other developers, but in reality, it looks like a Duke Nuke'm Forever (also developed at Gearbox) situation, where development went on too long and it was ultimately made as more of a cash in on a franchise than an effort to make anything unique or interesting.

Let's face it, when you can make GIFs like this one, your game is broken beyond belief.

Anyone else really saddened that this game didn't turn out anywhere near as awesome as they hoped?

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@Anonymous (not verified) on

@Anonymous (not verified) on February 13, 2013 - 6:24pm; No - sometimes I play games because they're fun in spite of being technically sub-par or just plain bad. Likewise, sometimes I play games because they're really, really good despite not being considered fun. One day you will learn that there are many perspectives and aspect which we can enjoy things subjectively instead of regurgitating consensus as an objective truth.

it's not terrible

Console versions are not to awful but the pc version is really crisp and smooth if you Max out the settings. If you love aliens then this is ok. The game needed more slow walking than chasing bad humans. Yeah.. the ai sucks but so does a lot of games with ai. Aliens needed cryyek..or Activision Atleast.. Sega as usual didnt try to hard..


As a gaming website, and editor of articles: It's your job to give feedback of games you've tested and played, not second hand accounts of what others have said, or secondary commentary of pictures you've found online. None of that, helps us decide wether we want to try the game or not, it's to liberal.

megagames your articles suck!

I don't understand what everyone is ******** about, what did you expect? me and my friends are loving it, played through the co-op campaign. and as for graphics its not bad, a few textures could be better. I'm running everything maxed out, it plays smoothly, looks good and most importantly it 'feels' like an aliens successor. have any of you actually played this game?? quit your ******** morons.

Terribad game

I have played the game and it is bloody terrible, bloody console ports, they didnt even put any effort into the game. There was a patch released within 12 hours of the games release to fix a load of issues with the game, and this was for a game that was delayed for 3-4 months. Makes you think what the absolute **** they were doing for those extra few months. Ill never be buying a gearbox game again, they dont deserve the money, especially if they are going to release poor excuses of games like Colonial marines.

Personally i wouldnt take it

Personally i wouldnt take it for a good game when i see Gearbox on it seein as there was 5 other companies involved in making it as well.. had it been souly a Gearbox game then it probably would have been better... but it isnt.

-fx I agree.

I only really come to megagames anymore for the game trainers section, though even with that I've found better sources that always have the newest and best and also do not list trainers that the downloader would need to pay for to use. The news articles are absurd and are also horrendously spelled, inaccurate and downright filled with lies and opinions most of the time.


you now whats the worst part .. i paid 30 quid for the pc version expecting dx11 effects and i get a crappy dx9 game omg what a waist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is not news, its your own personal opinion. Even worse, you have not played the game and simply got these opinions from other people. Also, Duke Nukem Forever was not developed by Gearbox so dont pin that on them. They took it over and finished it. It was 3D Realms who developed it for overa decade. As if the comments section was not bad enough, we now have to put up with pathetic news articles like this? ... I think my time at megagames is over...

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