Amazon Physical Products Can Be Sold Through Android Games Now

A new service launched by Amazon allows Android game developers to sell physical items through their games.

Currently available for Android (including Kindle Fire), Amazon Mobile Associates API allows developers to sell real products from the millions of items at Amazon, whether physical (i.e. toys, clothing) or digital (i.e. eBooks), from inside their apps or games while earning up to 6% in advertising fees from those purchases.

The API can be used to sell a specific item such as game-themed t-shirt or a category such as vitamins and supplements.

Games that use the API have already made to the market. For example, Animoca's Thor: Lord of Storms game for Android now offers Thor physical action figures to its customers. More interestingly Ticket to Ride developer, Days of Wonder, allows its players to purchase a physical expansion pack of the board game and get the digital version for free.

Technical details and development guides are available at Amazon's developers portal.

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Are any of you "Always online is great" panzies out there looking at the comments and realizing that always online will lead to more and worse forms of exactly this?! Unless you love - TRY THIS - TRY THAT - BUY THIS - GET THAT...oh, you were playing a about THIS?! ugh...

This is such a horrible idea,

This is such a horrible idea, the last thing I want to see are my games turning into ******* storefronts. I don't want a stupid game themed t-shirt, action figures, hats or whatever. I want good games that present a challenge yet don't force me to spend money to win. ******* casual games/gamers ruining the industry.


Uh...that's cool, I guess? Honestly, I think this would be loads better if they could ONLY sell game-themed and related merchandise; exclusive swag is very appealing. However, I find the notion of being able to sell literally ANYTHING off of Amazon to be...weird. And the "vitamins and supplements" thing is frankly off-putting, if not downright unsettling. So yeah, good luck developers, but I find this whole development to be rather odd. :/

Sometimes, I think it is.

Like, the exclusive collectibles and stuff at Comic-Cons or conventions, variant covers and such. I always thought some of those things were pretty neat. I mean, I think it'd be better if these developers didn't try to sell anything at all through their apps, but if they're gonna, at least make it some exclusive products that are related to the app. That seems less random and weird.

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