AMD Is Rebranding HD 7xxx To HD 8xxx For OEMs

Lenovo's Erazer X700 PC has garnered some attention for sporting a Radeon HD 8950 GPU that doesn’t belong to the AMD’s latest Radeon HD 7xxx series.

Unfortunately, our investigation revealed that the Radeon HD 8950 is nothing more than rebranding for AMD’s existing Radeon HD 7950 graphics card. According to the graphics cards options for OEM page on AMD’s website, other rebrands include rebranding the HD 7970 GE to HD 8970 and HD 7870 to HD 8870 in addition to six other less powerful cards.

The 8xxx numbering is reserved to OEMs only, but it is not reflected the cards’ performance or power consumption. We might be too conservative, but this feels like a way to cheat consumers into believing that those PCs offer superior graphics performance to non-OEM ones with the exact same cards.

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My Radeon hd

my radeon hd 5850 has been kicking *** ever scence i got a replacement, i only had to have it replaced because my very first one didnt have a screw holding it in the pc case and while my pc was on i moved my pc case and i didnt realize i forgot to put the screw back in to secure the card and the card came out of the pci-e slot and burned out my 5850 got a rma on it after that got my new one like 3-4 monthsafter they were 1st released, (0ct 7 09) been running perfect scence 02/01/2010, and still kicking, air cooled, i have had non refernce cards i mean really cheap looking c ards fail on me allthe time, i will only buy REFERENCE DESIGN video cards only, i will not buy saffire cards ever again they are junk safire ati/amd or nvidia, they must be refernce design cards or i will not buy them...

well im not a troll and like

well im not a troll and like the other guy up there i have had many ati cards burn out on me to. my radeon 9800 pro with 128mb of graphics memory back in the day burned out on me three times when i was playing everquest 1 hardcore then when the 4xxx series came out i had one of those burn out on me to. i am not an idiot i watch my temps and then didnt OC at all my temps never where above 70 degrees Celsius and yes i used air cooling still do now even OC'ing and my current gtx 680 never gets above 65 degrees Celsius on a full load. the reason im writing this comment is after the 9800 pros burned out on me i tried an nvidia card a 7900 gt and its still kicking to this day in one of my old pc's that i use for media. I have yet to have one nvidia card give me any issues drivers are always good and work well with every game i play. im not a fan boy but in my experience nvidia has always done better maybe newer ati cards are better but im not taking that chance every again until they make it really worth my while.

You see.. I had a Radeon X800

You see.. I had a Radeon X800 Pro from 2005 to 2008 and never watched my temp once.. I treated that card real bad and never had a single problem with it. I bought a Nvidia 8800 pro in 2008.. it blew up 15 months later.. replaced by a 9800 pro.. that blew up 15 months later as well despite the fact I was constantly tried to cool it down and managing gametime play. I then replaced it by a little Radeon 5770 that ran at least 20 celcius lower than the "idle 70c Nvidia" and never had a problem to this day. So I guess it all boils down to personal experience.

That's what it is.

Of course that's why they do dat MG! The people buying department store, pre-built, OEM bargain boxes know **** all about computers. They look at an advert & compare some meaningless numbers. Usually those are numbers in front of quantities like MHz, GHz, MB, GB & TB but sometimes it's just a dumb model # to con the ignorant. Seems kinda weak on AMD's part, but I guess it's pretty insignificant in comparison to the criminal **** that garbage factory known as Intel is guilty of. Wouldn't be surprised if Nvidia is on par with those ******** too.

I bought amd cards 5 times

I bought amd cards 5 times and they all burned out exactly a year after I bought them, now I use NVIDIA and I never had a problem things run smooth and there are some graphical differences on the same games between amd and nvidia, maybe I just hit a good card that's all.

I just buy whatever fits into

I just buy whatever fits into my budget when I need to upgrade - last time it was a GTX 260 SO (Which I loved, even if it was monstrous), and this time it was an HD 7850 OC (which is kicking **** and almost completely silent under load). They've both been as good as each other (I do miss CUDA and on-board Phys-X a tiny bit, but their absence isn't really all that noticeable TBH). I'm a bit worried if your crds are actually burning out, are you using the same motherboard? IF you are I would stop everything immediately and get it tested by the manufacturer - something's not right there. Possibly your power supply too?


You ought to win the biggest troll of the year award or at least be nominated to try to win it. You bought five AMD cards and they all burnt out exactly a year after you bought them. LMAO at stupidity. Either your lying your ads off which is most likely or if you are telling the truth then you just do not know how to use your hardware correctly without burning them up. I can see you now trying to overclock them on air with like 1.5 volts to the cards lol burning them up. Perhaps after your five epic failures you learned your lesson on your nvidia card and do not overclock anymore. Anyhow your just a troll.

Bad amd, I don't see how

Bad amd, I don't see how someone can think doing that is a good idea considering their target audience is comprised mostly of gamers (people who are likely to flip over it if they discover that after buying a laptop with said gpus).


Just replying to myself here, the little discussion below proves how gamers love to argue and complain about the smallest, most insignificant things. Know your audience amd...

actually your wrong its not

actually your wrong its not and benchmarks prove it the 680 beats the 7970 in just about every game when using a single video card i have not seen the benchmarks for the ghz edition yet though. its not until you get into crossfire vs sli and overclocking that the amd cards give the nvidia cards a run for their money. also the ATI card is way more power hungry than the nvidia card and you loose 3d vision and physx support and almost all games these days support physx physics engine. dont believe me google it the numbers speak for themselves

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