AMD To Replace Radeon R9 280 GPU With Tonga

Chinese VR Zone revealed that AMD will replace its Radeon R9 280's Tahiti PRO GPU with Tonga GPU starting sometime in August.

Radeon R9 280 is AMD's current mid-range graphics card. Little is known yet about Tonga, but rumors in the industry have it that it should sport a 256bit interface that has 32 Compute Uitss and 2048 Stream processors. The GPU should also feature 32 ROPs (Render Output Units) and 128 Texture memory units.

AMD's R9 series is based on the company's GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture and Tonga is meant to introduce GCN 2 to the market. It is built on the 28nm node from Global Foundries. GCN 2 (and Tonga) keeps all standard AMD Radeon technologies such as Mantle, TrueAudio and XDMA for CrossFire support. The chipset's main focus is said to be power efficiency.

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Bah all these gpu

Bah all these gpu manufacturers are the same, same **** technology rehashed year round. The only major thing they tweak is the number of rops. Can we kick out directx from the profile yet??


No. You shall keep DirectX and use it proudly for it is the saviour the PC gamer hath been waiting for. So sayeth Microsoft Gaming Division.... oh wait, PC not xbone. Let me start again Maybe one day you won't need DX, but until then ms will stiffle innovation from other companies with the promise that they are in fact wholeheartedly committed, COMMITTED I SAY! (Just like at the mental institute) to PC gaming and ensuring that windows, (No, not the clear glass wall that you peer through to spy on the sexy neighbour, the OS from MS) will continue to be the OS of choice for gaming and in the near future a new dx will be launched with features both great and amazing and will do almost everything that those other guys said their innovation would do. When will it be launched I hear you say. Soon, real soon. No I can't be more specific then that, I find your assumption that MS updates DX at the same frequency to which ice-ages occurs offensive and refuse to comment on it's validity

That being said, power

That being said, power efficiency is always a good thing. It reduces noise and heat. The less noise, the more speed we can achieve without hitting the roof. I really dont know why nobody has made a true game rig OS, I have heard a few names here and there but thats it. That would be a solution for all of us and might win money.

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