AMD Trinity APU Might Power Xbox 360 Successor

If we'd listen to online rumors, we'd believe that AMD's latest APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) is going to power Microsoft's Xbox 360 successor.

According to the rumors, Microsoft has already settled on the AMD's APU based on the Trinity architecture to power its next console. The first Trinity -based AMD APU is expected to launch in 2012 and it is claimed by AMD that it is up to 50% more powerful than its current Liano-based APUs. Both Liano and Trinity chips support DirectX 11.

It is worth noting that a high-ranking AMD employee from the company's Graphics Products Group talked about Microsoft's next console and claimed that it will be to provide the level of graphical detail seen in James Cameron's movie Avatar.

Of course Microsoft didn't even acknowledge that that they are working on a new console, but it is likely that they would reveal it during the 2012 E3.

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liano's main market is note and netbooks*, it is still nowhere as capable as discreet graphics card(especially desktop) and comparing it vs sandy bridge is questionable graphics performance wise as intels GPUs have always been weak. And No Liano benchmarks(google plz) show it even struggles to play Crysis 1/2. Then again software is far more optimized for consoles so who knows what they may squeeze out of it.


Unfortunately Nvidia discreet graphics suck, unless all you'll be running is Maya. Which is highly doubtful, considering that 120% of the game industry relies on 3DS Max which uses directx as it's primary output.

My $99 ATI discreet sinks a $500 Nvidia in the waters, both vs price and also technology. Fact remains Nvidia would not exist without ATI support, very literally in fact ATI had to design specs for Nvidia in order to save their own market. Says much about graphics wars no?

Have you already looked at the current Liano APU's?

Considering that testing has already shown a 120% increase in performance (not a 20%, a full 120%) in comparison to an intel equivelent using the same AMD graphics card, an extra 50% boost in graphical performance is a legendary claim for anyone.

Think on it: New models of graphics cards are being released about every 2 months and they dont even promise a 5% increase in performance from the previous model. So what did AMD do? Create a processor that has a built in graphics card, that is fully capable of essentially crossfiring with another graphics card. It is a processor that is revolved around doing graphics, so add that with a hd6900 model and an intel i7 equivelent will have a hard time matching even 80% of it's performance. Bear in mind that graphics engines these days are being streamlined to demand less high end equipment to run. Take cryengine 2 for example, it was built essentially as cryengine 1, only with smarter programming that demands less graphical horsepower

Now the next generation that will succeed Liano is going to have a boost of 50% performance. Although I find it hard to believe we still have to consider that games consoles have their programming made directly for doing games.

I'm not going to defend that bold claim of detail similar to avatar. But I am definitely interested to see how they fare.

"It is worth noting that a

"It is worth noting that a high-ranking AMD employee from the company’s Graphics Products Group talked about Microsoft’s next console and claimed that it will be to provide the level of graphical detail seen in James Cameron's movie Avatar."
Ok, wtf, no. Not even close. Maybe in 10 years I'd believe that.

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