AMD's Mantle works, boosts Battlefield 4 performance

Nvidia fans are no doubt nursing their future purchase of a Gsync monitor this morning, as they watch on while AMD users get their first taste of the Mantle API with the latest BF4 patch, and man does it taste good.

It's taken a while to get to this stage, with over two years of cooperation between BF4 developer DICE and AMD to create a new renderer that could work with the Mantle API instead of Microsoft's DirectX. Before these real world results, it was postulated that it could deliver up to nine times the cell draw rate that Direct3D could, with other more minor improvements thanks to a much deeper access to the GPU. It turns out those theories do equate to very noticeable performance improvements.

While gains are totally dependent on the hardware you actually have, some people are reporting performance jumps by as much as 45 per cent.

CPU bottlenecked games stand to gain the most benefit by using Mantle, since it can offload a lot more of the instructions to the GPU itself.

“We’ve also been able to streamline and optimize some of the GPU workload, " said Battlefield technical director Johan Andersson. The end result is that game performance is improved in virtually all scenarios in Battlefield 4 on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 when running with Mantle.”

To have a play with Mantle yourself, you'll need to download the latest AMD Catalyst 1.41 beta drivers, have a Graphics Core Next GPU (R7 or R9 series at the moment, 7 series isn't supported) and a 64bit operating system, whether Windows 7, 8 or 8.1.

Once you have all that in place, just enable the Graphics API option in the options menu and you're off and running.

Any of you giving this a go today? If so, let us know if you see any dramatic performance improvements.

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I need to have latest gen graphics card to use this ? What's the point, exactly; To get investors to buy THEIR latest gen so I stick with them? No game will ever run on one single GPU.

"...some people are reporting

"...some people are reporting performance jumps by as much as 45 per cent." Ok wtf Megagames? No one has reported such a performance gain because Mantle hasn't been released to the public yet so who exactly are these "some people". The 45% performance gain is an official announcement and we have yet to see independent sources confirm this claim.


In reality I'm not really for Nvidia or AMD. I"m for the best product possible for the lowest price. While the Gsync tech is cool, it really has nothing to do with improving performance, just visual quality. Don't get me wrong that's important, but performance is king in my world. Screen tearing doesn't bother me nearly as much as out right lagg, slowdown or stuttering. I get that Syncing fixes some of those, but I've also through experience of building PC's have learned that just cranking up the performance of a card often solves all those issues and makes things run smoother over all. The best part about this is AMD giving Nvidia some competition, it keeps the innovation strong when a company fears being destroyed by another. Even if AMD doesn't pose a major threat, they keep the reality that Nvidia isn't alone alive. I'm also very interested in AMD's offering a card that out performs the TITAN for half(ish) the cost. I'll absolutely switch back to AMD if they can provide me a card like that, it will fit beautifully in my Steam Machine.


lololol to think steam machine is a fail is to think PS4 or Xbox one was a Not Fail Lolz. probly a *******console fan boy. scared of a CUstomizable console. probly too poor to afford it anyway so **** off.

Yeaaaaa, you shouldn't be

Yeaaaaa, you shouldn't be calling someone a half wit when you yourself don't seem to know what you're talking about. Sure one or two manufacturers might come up with different designs and custom components, but most steam machines are normal pcs. Captcha: and that's the way it is

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