Apple Caught Doctoring Evidence In Galaxy Tab Lawsuit

While examining the evidence submitted by Apple to the Düsseldorf court in their lawsuit against Samsung,, a Dutch IDG publication, discovered that one of the images was photoshopped to suit Apple's argument better.

In the lawsuit Apple claims that the "overall appearance" of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 is "practically identical" to its own iPad 2.

Page 28 of the complaint contains a photograph of an iPad 2 and a Galaxy Tab side to side, with the caption "The overall appearance of the two products shown above is almost identical, because the Galaxy Tab 10.1 copies all distinctive elements of equipment of the iPad 2."

Problem is, the dimensions of the Galaxy Tab in said photo were altered subtly to resemble those of the iPad 2.

The Galaxy Tab measures 256.7 x 175.3 millimeters while the iPad 2 measures 240×186 millimeters. This means that the two devices in the image were not scaled by the same ratio, but that's not all.

In addition to using a different zoom level, Apple also altered the aspect ratio of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the photo from its real life 1.46 aspect ratio to 1.36 which looks much closer to iPad 2's aspect ratio of 1.30.

Unsurprisingly, Photoshopped images are not common in court filings. The last case we know of was in 2010 when a career criminal attempted to photoshop himself into images of volunteer work and was sentenced for 23 years in prison. We still don't know how Apple plans to defend itself but we expect that it will probably try to brush it off as an "honest mistake."

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Apple copy from everyone else !

Apple OS originated from Unix, same stable as Linux. Over the years, it has copies aspects of other operating systems, especially Linux. Touch screen is nothing new, been around for may be 20 years or more, why should Apple lay claim to any aspect of touch screen controls? The American suggestion of owner of IP is the one that get the patent office first is outright scandalous, the world should ignore and boycott this way of locking out small companies and individuals.

Get your facts straight

Apple DID NOT invent the tablet computer. Typical Apple fanboys like you post facts from hearsay. Also get YOUR SHIT SPELLING right before making such derogatory remarks which only demonstrates your own stupidity.


Microsoft made tablets a LONG time ago. And before that maybe even someone else did. They just weren't popular because of design and the hardware power of computers at that time.


Apple never built shit, they just had billions in the bags from enveloping the little guy. They were and always have been an idea man, getting everything under NDA and using that in order to push something into existence. The only thing they excelled at in history was the "font war" they simply had better looking characters on screen than MS during the DOS days. Don't forget Xerox and what they brought to the table, almost every competition enveloped it. And yes I do think like that and yes every company is like that :)

Not every...

but yeah most companies are like that & certainly all the big ones. They only care about making money rather than making things better. WTF good is more money if all you can buy with it is more garbage? If everyone made junk like GM, Microsoft, Apple & Sanyo do, then why buy anything? Why care how much money you have if everything you buy is worthless? I wish the world would get its head out've its ass. Apple sucks. They're a 1000% mark-up for nothing more than a logo. A logo of a fucking APPLE!!! How fucking lame you are Apple. An apple a day may keep the doctor away but if a doctor knew how to fix my piece of shit iPod so it would turn on & charge when I tell it to & not have to have a running computer to charge & be able to acquire songs just by dragging & dropping like any sensible fucking player should, then I'D HAVE A GODDAMN FUCKING DOCTOR UP IN HERE YOU USELESS, WORTHLESS FUCKING DUMB PRICKS!!!

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haha fuck apple fuck apple up

haha fuck apple fuck apple up there stupid asses and all there retarded followers i would say customers but its beyond that there more like mind fucked zombies. they remind me of alqeada and most know nothing of the true value of what they are purchasing i hope that company burns

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