Bandai Namco is making a free to play Beat 'Em Up

Bandai Namco (formerly Namco Bandai) the company behind Tekken, one of the most iconic fighting series ever, has announced a new free to play beat 'em up called Rise of Incarnates.

It's a 2v2 brawler, set in destroyed cities that takes place after an event known as the "Cube Phenomenon." After meteors hit the world, supernaturally powered humans appear, possessed by demons and suffering from hallucinations/divine prophecy, feel the pull to destroy or protect the world.

"There were those who took it as a sign of ill omen for the future, while others still tried to use the situation to their advantage and fulfil their innate desires. But regardless of their varying reactions, not a one among them knew what the "Sovereign of this era" was supposed to mean. With their own interpretations and reasons for fighting, the incarnates enter the fray," said a Bandai spokesperson.

There's real world locations to fight in, with the trailer showing off places like New York, London and Paris, the famous landmarks no doubt taking a beating in the process. The game will launch with only four characters, though more will be added post release.

If you like the look of it, you can sign up for the alpha at or wait for the final release later this year.

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