Battlefield 4 Banned In China

China has officially banned Battlefield 4 after declaring it a threat to the country's national security.

The Chinese Ministry of Culture also accused the game of being a form of cultural invasion. As a result, the ministry issued a notice prohibiting all materials related to the game in any form, including game downloads, demos, patch downloads, and news reports.

Battlefield 4 takes place in 2020 where the United States army is helping Chinese government fight off a Russian-aided coup.

Earlier this month, state-run newspaper China Military, said Battlefield 4 is a new form of "cultural invasion" that "smears China's image." Evidently, Chinese officials aren't thrilled to see the Chinese government asking for U.S. help in the game. Not to mention that the game suggests that a coup might take place in the united nation of China.

The word "ZhanDi4", the Chinese translation for Battlefield 4, has already been censored in all major Chinese social networks and search engines. Nonetheless, reports indicate that Chinese gamers are sharing the name through peer-to-peer using its English name and/or the acronym "BF4."

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They make it seem like a big deal. No company has done the opposite with a video game to make the US look like douches. With how much our constitution is eroded homeland security would probably step in. I mean hell, look at how much of the stuff about snowden was censored out of american news media. You never know how much freedom you have until you test it.


Here's an idea for BF5. USA rampant and corrupt, decides do invade some X country to get their oil. China and Russia step into war. Consider how many people play these games and if you SMEAR certain countries with every bloody movie and game, never in reverse, then does that not form some sort of cultural belief and bias.

The way people usually write

The way people usually write it is "rampant corruption". Read much? Probably not. Russia doesn't care that Assad massacres his own people because they just want to keep their first Mediterranean naval base up and running. Read about Sudan in the news? That's China's AO, and they don't give a shit about Africans killing each other. It took Vietnam to kill Pol Pot because China just looked on back in the late 70s. Little known fact wannabe bully China invaded Vietnam back in 1979 and Vietnam threw them back easily. Which brings me to Iraq and what you mention. Who benefitted from the Iraq War? Not the US. Not Iraq. The only two that I see that really benefitted from Saddam's death is Israel and Iran. When are people going to wake up to the fact that the Jews are robbing and cheating everyone? For fucks sake, EA, whom we all hate, all that DLC crap, is run by Bobby fucking Kotick. A Jew. Wake up to the fact at the center of everything that is wrong with the modern world there is a Jew. When Americans say that they hate Wall Street, they hate Hollywood, they hate the Media, what they mean but cannot articulate is that they hate Jews. Even now the Jews are trying foment a war between the US and Iran. Fucking chosen people all right; a racist vile scourge upon the earth. Notice how Ron Paul gets smeared in the news? That's Jew newspapers protecting Jew bankers. Notice how Bitcoin, the beginning of the end for central banking, get smeared in the news? That's Jew "newsmen" protecting Jew bankers. If you're anti-fed, you're anti-Jew. And there's nothing wrong with that, because it just means that you're pro-freedom, pro-truth and pro-justice. Notice how in the meeting between the US and Iran that essentially Obama is going to let Iran develop a Nuclear Weapon. Ha ha, don't nuke Israel, wink, wink. ;)

Lol, I can just picture you

Lol, I can just picture you typing this. Dirty boxers, white wife beater with food stains, belly hanging out. Your mom yelling at you from upstairs that you need to take a shower. Jesus dude Jews didn't do anything that any other religion hasn't done. All religions are worthless and have caused mindless retarded deaths. To blame Jews for all the problems in the world with out any actual facts, you're just looking to get eye raped. The U.S. is the most worthless country in the world filled with fat slobs, pathetic military, greedy government/corporations, and to top it off, we prefer to start a war over something that isn't even there LOL, how's that for the 30-40th most intelligent country. Seriously, we're nowhere in the top 20 for intelligence. You sir, are living proof of that.


I have to say you lost all credibility when you started accusing Jews of world domination. It sounds like a saying an old and senile redneck would say. Regardless, I did want to reply to the whole "USA is the holy guardian, China and Russia are the devil". Firstly, as you may have noticed, neither does the US nor EU give a fuck that Assad killed over 100k of his own people, a few thousand of these with chemical weapons. This after dear old Obama said chemical weapons was a red line. Second, the US, too, invaded Vietnam unjustly and got their asses handed to them. Lastly, the US nor the EU give a shit about the mass executions taking place in Africa - Entire villages tortured, raped and burned to death because of their religion. How about you look in the mirror and read some history yourself. Once you flip a few pages you'll soon come across how the US government forced a coup in peaceful Iran of the 1950's to insert their own favorable leader who brought down all progress and advancement by taking advantage of his nation's wealth. He was. much later, smuggled out of the country, under the guise of requiring medical treatment, by the US and never brought back to stand trial for his crimes. His place was taken by today's Iran spiritual leader and true puppeteer, Khamenei, who implemented harsh religious laws that take away women rights, force people to be much more orthodox and distant their culture from a secular one. So much so that it has become a hostile government. Wink wink, go back and finish high school.

bunch of fucking nonsense.

bunch of fucking nonsense. You have eyes but you refuse to see. Why do I lose credibility when I accuse the Jews of anything? You are indoctrinated in a lie. There is no eternal Truth for Man, so called truth is merely the matter of choosing the best lie. I never said that the Jews dominate the WORLD. They dominate banking, news, and entertainment in America. A guy I work with said, in America, you are your credit score. He's right. Old people were savers. Younger American's borrow up to their eyeballs. Proverbs 22:7, "The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender". Are you arrogant enough to dismiss the wisdom of Solomon outright? I see you wisely steered clear of Iraq and tried to steer the conversation to Vietnam. Laughable. Israel obviously benefitted from the Iraq war, the US and Iraq obviously did not. The US did not get it's ass handed to it in Vietnam. The US had great KDR; somewhere north of 10, probably 20-1. It came down to politics, and the US had bad politics concerning Vietnam going back to 1918. Washington had serious misunderstandings; war is like commerce but McNamara took it too far. Also they misunderstood Ho Chi Minh, and that goes back to Wilson's time. On execution it's like Day-9 says, "just go fucking kill'em". It would've have been better to invade the North and repel the Chinese then to drag a war out for 15 years, but that's easy to say now. And you're wrong about Iran, the British came to the US begging them for help. So don't act like that was the US's brainchild. Conclusion: Every stupid thing the US did in the Cold War had to do with creating a grand alliance against communism. Britain and Iran, France and Vietnam. Weakness in domestic politics always spills over into international politics and sometimes in surprising ways. History is a hammer, not a true record something written on a wall. You say "go back to high school", because I don't have the same view of the world as you; as if there were a correct one. There are strong ideologies and weak ones, useful ones and useless ones. We could go on and on about what is the theoretical purpose of education; whether Plato or Aristotle was right or even the Psychoanalytic Shamans of our time. To be on point US schools resemble prisons more than anything else. What passes for education today is merely indoctrination. I can open a new Math book and find politics, whereas I open a math book from the 50s and find only Math. Also education is not merely the content; the way in which youth are being dominated, drugged, and made to take obnoxious tests which favor rote memorization over understanding, all of this makes them submissive. Which brings me to you. You parrot what you have been taught because you did not battle, you did not test what you were being taught. You swallowed it whole. You are not brave. You are not a pioneer. You are a follower. You are a good sheep. Say bahhh, mother fucker, bahhh. Your way of thinking will have its rewards, but my lies ARE better than your lies.


Sry dude, but it is the corperations, not the jews trying to start most of the wars. Look at the Korean war again. Look at how many rare minerals is there. We fought hard but gave up at the risk of loosing all of Korea. There are so many rare minerals sitting under North Korea but they can't be sold because of sanctions. South Korea has been pumping them out like mad for the use in electronic devices. Since corperations figured out how to buy their way out of the constitution we are nearing the level of oligarchy of which we once fought a war to escape. It was Americas first civil war. Not THE civil war. But people forget that the Revolutionary war in fact was a civil war.

Oh yea China is so mean and

Oh yea China is so mean and must be crucified because they don't care about Africa like the US does right? Which country is Israel allied with again? Then there is the matter of who benefits from all the military shit the US does, why do you automatically assume the country would only intervene somewhere if it stands to gain something? Are you that naive? So long as those issuing the orders are gaining something, who the fuck cares about the country? Welcome to capitalism, enjoy your stay...


That's a bit harsh and China is a cynic "people's republic", but... well, we all are used to see every US production, be it in cinema or games, where they are always the good guys that save the world (with no interest whatsoever in resources or political influence, of course!).


They're probably scared that people might make up cultural lies about them like, banning a video game. Next thing you'll hear are fake news reports that a Chinese ice breaker couldn't break through ice. Of course, it's perfectly acceptable for the Chinese to construct a building to house a large amount of people whose sole purpose is to hack foreign goverment Military computers, those same countries patent offices & corporations to steal trade secrets. But news of a video game where the U.S and Chinese fight along side one another, omg we can't have that.

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