Battlefield Hardline footage appears, Visceral explains

Some leaked footage from Visceral Games' upcoming Battlefield Hardline, a cops and robbers version of the usual wartime shooter has appeared online, showing snippets of gameplay, full of explosions and zip-wire action. Visceral came out shortly after to comment on the leak, saying all of the video was at least six months old and was initially used to show at an internal meeting with EA.

Head of the developer, Steve Papoutsis said that while he was sad that this was the way Hardline had been revealed, it had been hard keeping it all under wraps until E3 anyway. At the conference, he said we can expect more in-game footage as part of the initial reveal and lots more information about how the game will work.

Here's the original leaked footage with some Polygon commentary:

“It’s six months old now and team has been cranking since then,” he said via Twitter. “See the real deal at E3. Can’t wait to show you how much further the team has taken things.”

He also revealed that the game was built using the Frostbite engine and when asked that Visceral make sure that the game works at release (referencing Battlefield 4's horrific release schedule that saw it bugged for months afterwards) he said: "We're absolutely focused on delivering the best experience possible."

What do you guys think of the Hardline leak? Does it make you excited to see Battlefield going in a new direction?

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Had no idea they were going to take cops and robbers this far. I love this fresh new style for the battlefield franchise, I am not 100% convinced it will be worth purchasing on release. ALL BATTLEFIELD games are buggy and impossible to play on launch, the upside is that grappling hooks and zip lines seem to work on anything? Hopefully they keep this in the game and it can be used on 90% of the levels. I have played a hell of a lot of battlefield bad company 2 and battlefield 3, with BF4 being visually amazing but mechanically more broken than the US relationship with the rest of the world. If there is going to be any slander about this OMAHA game, it will have to go through me. This game is like combining the tight spaces and twitchy reflexes of Counter Strike 1.6 with the expanse of Battlefield 3 and the visuals of Battlefield 4....while still trying to mix in a heap of new elements and gameplay modes that will blow minds and wallets out of the water. As long as they have some EOD bots running around I will through my money at EA all day long...right? RIGHT! No fucking way, EA is the reason that DICE has been under so much pressure to release falling apart gameplay. EA needs to have different directors if it wants to become a beautiful florishing company that inspires gamers everywhere to be better people and buy more games. Long rant end3d

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